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Take a tour of the health benefits and tech behind SunSprite wearable light tracker.

Learn how SunSprite tracks visible and UV light to improve your energy, mood, and focus, regulate your sleep cycle, and monitor UV exposure.

SunSprite is your personal energy coach, sending you alerts and notifications to keep you on track.


Get feedback

Mobile coaching tips are dynamically served to you based on your personal tracking data. View simple, easy steps to take control of your health.


Sync wirelessly

Easily syncs with your iPhone so you can track your progress real-time, view your stats, and get personalized goals and tips.


Never charge it

SunSprite is completely solar-powered, so it gets the power it needs while you're getting the light you need. No plugs or cords needed.

  • "Getting enough healthy sunlight? Wearing SunSprite will let you know."

    - Gigaom
  • "For those looking for an inexpensive tool that will help them improve their health, SunSprite is a nifty option."

    - Boy Genius Report
  • "The days the meter indicated I'd received my full blast of sunshine, I had spent my working hours feeling relatively calm, upbeat and energetic."

    - Engadget
  • "It's one of the most original forms of wearable tech that I've seen."

    - Discovery Channel

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Clinically proven benefits of bright light:


Bright light increases energy and vitality. Wake up with a pop in your step.


Bright light regulates the secretion of melatonin, resulting in better quality sleep and more energy in the morning.


Bright light is recommended by doctors as a front-line treatment for both seasonal and non-seasonal depression.



Bright light increases ability to focus and reduces ADHD symptoms such as distractability, inattention, and hyperactivity.



Bright light reduces stress by decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Bright light is important for proper eye development, reducing myopia onset and progression in children.

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Sunshine and Suicide

by Richard Schwartz, M.D.

Sep 12, 2014

A new study published this week in JAMA Psychiatry and quickly picked up by both Time and Newsweek delivers a simple message in its title: “Direct Effect of Sunshine on Suicide.” It’s an important study revealing, once again, the powerful role that light plays in our lives.

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I Had No Idea I Was Light Deprived!

by Jacqueline Olds, M.D.

Sep 9, 2014

Here I am, a member of the SunSprite team trying to make people recognize that we all need light. When it was August, I tried my SunSprite several days in a row, and found I wasn’t getting quite 100%. So I started having my breakfast in a sunny window, and walking more in the early morning. Soon I was racking up some 100% days and feeling more cheerful.

Come September, imagine my dismay when my SunSprite has been telling me lately that even when I am sitting in a sunny window or on my porch for a few minutes here and there, I am not getting enough light

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Behind the Scenes: SunSprite Production Testing

by Kasey J. Russell, Ph.D.

Aug 11, 2014

The other day, I caught myself marveling at a tape dispenser. Now that I am seeing this side of manufacturing, I have a lot more appreciation for how much work must have gone into designing and manufacturing even the simplest products.

We’ve been testing SunSprite continuously for months, but as we start mass production, things are really ramping up. Here are some highlights from behind the scenes.

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