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Dear SunSprite User,

With sadness, we are writing to tell you that SunSprite is coming to end. We have not offered new SunSprites for sale during the past year, but we have continued to support current users. After January 1, we will no longer be able to maintain the database that syncs and records SunSprite user data. The device itself will still be able to display current information through its LEDs, but without the link to a database, the app will no longer work.

The first SunSprites entered the world in 2014. While we hoped they would have an even longer life, we are glad that they could help people improve health through the use of light for as long as they did, and want to thank you for all your support and patience. As we said before, we hope that your interest has led to new habits of exposure to early morning light to boost your focus and mood. Remember that morning bright light sets your circadian rhythm, boosts serotonin, and reduces melatonin – resulting in clearer thinking and a greater feeling of well-being!

All our best wishes,
Jacquie and Richard

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I love it. It's light, small, attractive and has a great magnet to keep it in place. It's a fun way to get motivation for more sunlight.
— Sharla

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