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Personal Light Tracker.

Improve your energy,
sleep and mood.


Developed by Doctors

Light and UV information is based on 30 years of scientific research.



SunSprite runs on sun, just like you. No cords or plugs. No batteries to replace.


Gives Useful Feedback

Instantly know your current exposure and progress toward your goal.



Clips anywhere, never needs to be plugged in, one simple progress check button.

Make small, simple changes.

Elizabeth learned she couldn't get her light at her breakfast table. Now she starts her day in a sunnier room and no longer has trouble falling asleep.

Working with her therapist, Mary found her depression was better when she got at least 70% of her daily light.

Steve, like many of our users, found that he got 0% of his light on a typical day in the office.

One button. Instant feedback.

Press side button to see your daily progress.

Each LED represents 10% of your daily light progress.

If the next light is flashing, you're in bright enough light.

Once you hit 100%, SunSprite does a victory dance!


Sync Your Stats Wirelessly

Set goals, view trends, and earn badges

App gives personalized coaching

iOS and Android compatible (see specs)

iPhone screen shot of dashboard
(Dashboard screen)
Android screen shot of history
(Weekly history screen)

I work from home, typically paying zero attention to the world (or sun) outside my little dungeon. A few days of rocking my SunSprite has turned me into my dog: noticing all the sunny slivers in my apartment and basking in them a bit. I love it, even if she's getting annoyed that I'm stealing all the good spots. Added bonus is that I've also become a human sundial, which is a fun party trick.

Improve your energy, sleep and mood now!