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Personal Light Tracker.

Improve your energy,
sleep and mood.

Developed by Doctors

Light and UV information is based on 30 years of scientific research.


SunSprite runs on sun, just like you. No cords or plugs. No batteries to replace.

Gives Useful Feedback

Instantly know your current exposure and progress toward your goal.


Clips anywhere, never needs to be plugged in, one simple progress check button.

Sync Your Stats Wirelessly

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Android screen shot of SunSprite app history
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I love it. It's light, small, attractive and has a great magnet to keep it in place. It's a fun way to get motivation for more sunlight.
— Sharla

Bring Your SunSprite to Life

Alive is a handcrafted jewel case specially designed for the SunSprite. Inspired by the historical sun etchings, the piece features a pierced sun motif that is hand carved and cast in solid brass with silver or gold platings.

One button. Instant feedback.

SunSprite led instructions

Press side button to see your daily progress.

SunSprite led instructions

Each LED represents 10% of your daily light progress.

SunSprite led instructions

If the next light is flashing, you're in bright enough light.

SunSprite led instructions

Once you hit 100%, SunSprite does a victory dance!

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A Review of Circadian Rhythm and Its far-Reaching Effects in Mental Health from the New York Times

It’s easy to forget the effect of a circadian rhythm that is ‘out of whack’ unless it is explained periodically.

Why Getting Bright Light is Important for People in College

As a college student, I can attest that it is very difficult to juggle academics, social life, and extracurricular activities. Many students such as myself stress under this weight and try to manage their schedules by sacrificing sleep and skipping exercise.

Outdoor Living: The Best Way to Set your Body’s Clock!

The latest study from Professor Kenneth Wright in Colorado suggests that if we want to correct our jet lagged selves from daily sluggishness, we should go camping for a week. The natural light made people go to sleep an average of two hours earlier and wake up with the dawn.

Improve your energy, sleep and mood now!