Collage of SunSprite + 4 Unexpected Solar-Powered Gadgets

SunSprite is the first solar-powered wearable device. So when you’re getting the light you need, your SunSprite is getting the light it needs to charge up.

Here are four other gadgets—from camping equipment to stylish bookbags—that are sure to recharge your life (and not let that glorious sunlight go to waste).

  1. Charging Station on your Back

    Birksun’s newest line of bags and backpacks are engineered to convert sunlight into usable energy in low-light environments. This means that a standard walk to and from work or class is all you need to charge up your sun-savvy backpack.

    The bags act as a portable outlet, equipped with lightweight, built-in USB chargers. Not to mention, the bags are 100% waterproof. Powered by SunPower technology, the panels can withstand harsh weather, cement impact, sand, dirt, etc. The Birksun offers you durable, long-lasting, and stylish power wherever and whenever you need it. (

  2. Solar-Powered Tunes

    Often times, camping can be a risky place for your favorite gadgets, especially the expensive ones. GoalZero produces the most innovative and durable solar-powered camping equipment on the market.

    One of their most eye-catching products is the solar rechargeable everything-proof speakers. These Bluetooth-enabled speakers are engineered so you never have to plug them in. One full charge will allow you to DJ your next camping adventure for 10+ hours. (

  3. Safety First

    The newest solar-powered gadget in the transportation industry may surprise you. Skylock has developed the first ever solar-powered… bike lock? That’s right, a sun-friendly bike lock. Engineered with the urban biker in mind, this roduct is designed to ensure safety, security, and convenience, all while being the sleekest bike lock on the block. (

  4. Sharing is Caring

    The WakaWaka Power 100% recycled portable charger is more than meets the eye. This entirely solar-powered portable charging device not only promises a full iPhone charge in less than two hours, multiple light settings (including an emergency beacon), and 150+ hours of power, but the WakaWaka “Share the Sun” campaign is also doing its part to better the world.

    According to WakaWaka’s site, “1.2 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity, and hundreds of millions more face regular blackouts.” For every WakaWaka power charger purchased, one WakaWaka product will be donated to a family who does not have the luxury of light. This global awareness effort has impacted over 600,000 people in need in over 30 countries, and continues to grow. (

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