We believe in patient-centered care, and empowering each SunSprite user is a major part of this. Giving actionable information and data to our users, and putting them in control of their decisions, is the core of our mission.

We get excited when we read articles like Jennifer Cohen’s piece in Forbes about all the ways activity and exercise make you healthier. Exercise improves energy, mood, focus, productivity…all benefits of bright light as well. And this Atlantic article by Olga Khazan does a nice job of summarizing the scientific research that shows that exercise is as effective as anti-depressant medication.

So what if we combined bright light and exercise to make depression treatment even more effective and patient-centric? Here, we look to our friends at Misfit Wearables for help. We believe Misfit makes one of the best, and certainly the most elegant, activity trackers. We’re excited about the potential of teaming up with them in the Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge sponsored by Google. Our vision is to provide each of our users with actionable, and personal, information about how they can be their brightest selves. Here we have the opportunity to add activity to the mix…and this is just the beginning.

To read the complete SunSprite and Misfit pilot submission and vote for our entry, please visit: https://medstro.com/posts/1680