Boston, Mass., March 29, 2015 – GoodLux Technology, the provider of the SunSprite light therapy engagement solution for treatment of depression, announced today the availability of its Android app in the Google Play store. By providing tangible, historic data about collected bright light, the SunSprite Solution empowers clinicians and patients to manage depression with bright light therapy (BLT), leading to a triple-aim effect of better patient experience, improved population health and reduced cost.

“With the prevalence of iOS and Android in the mobile market and the availability of the SunSprite app in both, we are now offering SunSprite customers the ability to track their data over time, analyze historical data, and receive rich insights on two of the most popular smartphone platforms,” said Kasey Russell, PhD, CTO of GoodLux Technology. “While we of course drew from our experience with the iOS SunSprite app, the Android app benefitted greatly from a core group of customers who helped us test development versions of the Android app on a variety of Android handsets.”

#####Pilots Underway in Healthcare Organizations GoodLux Technology is currently conducting pilots with several healthcare organizations, and all of the piloting clinicians have recommended to their business leaders to purchase the SunSprite solution for their patients with depression. “Ever since I’ve seen my colleagues monitor light intake on their iPhones, I have been looking forward to downloading the SunSprite app on my Android,” said Lori Hartelius, M.S. LMHC MHP of Tulalip Family Services in Washington State. “While the SunSprite tracker alone provides immediate feedback via LED lights on the tracker, it is very valuable, motivating, and fun to get data tracked over time, and set goals for myself for better energy or for my patients who need to manage depression on an ongoing basis, and gives them and me a tangible way to manage light measurements.”

#####Overview of the SunSprite Solution The SunSprite light engagement solution consists of a wearable device for measurement of bright light exposure and a mobile app. To start using the solution, one needs to download the SunSprite app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The device shows 10 LED lights, each representing 10% of a person’s daily goal. A single button is pushed to view progress and to sync, via Bluetooth Smart®, to a mobile phone. The device requires no battery replacement or cords and attaches magnetically to the user.

#####SunSprite Mobile App Features The SunSprite Mobile App features a simple user interface and intuitive design that can now be accessed on both Android and iOS devices (including phones and tablets) enabling patients to easily engage with their therapy. Via the mobile app, patients can:

  • View their daily bright light intake and compare it against clinically validated thresholds.
  • Get real-time light exposure feedback to adapt behavior for more effective bright light therapy.
  • Collect historical light exposure data that can be shared with clinicians for advice on adapting treatment of bright light therapy.

#####Availability and Pricing The SunSprite Solution, including the wearable device and its mobile apps, is available immediately. Pricing for healthcare organizations is a monthly fee per patient per month which can, in addition to BLT tracking, be bundled with an active care plan like diabetes or CHF. Individuals can purchase SunSprite via Amazon or at for $99 per device. For more information contact: info(at)sunsprite(dot)com

#####About GoodLux Technology Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, GoodLux Technology designs, manufactures and manages the SunSprite solution, a wearable and cloud-based light management solution which engages patients to self-manage depression by effectively using bright light therapy (BLT). The GoodLux team, comprised of doctors, engineers, physicists and healthcare experts, utilizes its science background to create tangible solutions for value-driven healthcare systems. For more information, please visit or follow us @sunsprite.