The bleak darkness sneaks up on us here in the East. The last beautiful Fall days seem like they’re going to last forever but suddenly just when it’s too gorgeous for words, you notice that the darkness is here at 5 PM. And getting up in the morning is none too cheerful either. At 6 AM when I rise, I look out the window, and it’s so dark that the world hasn’t changed to panoramic color yet, but is still black and white. By the time 7 AM rolls around, there is enough light to tell whether the newspaper has been delivered or not…but not enough light to bask in a little sun.

So those of us prone to the “winter blues” feel a little shudder at the thought of 5-6 months of the cold darkness. SunSprite is our reminder that there is still sunshine, and we must dress warmly, and go seek it in the morning, if we can. Sometimes this will be on a hurried walk to the subway. Sometimes it will be shining through the car’s windshield onto our eyes as we drive. Sometimes, we will have to go to some common space at work where there is a shared sunny window to do our work. But we who live in Boston know that there is quite a bit of sunshine here even during the darker seasons. We just have to go through some trouble to get it shining on us. We have to bravely walk outdoors to get it, even though our brain is saying, “Stay warm, stay warm!” SunSprite can clip to a thick parka just as well as to a thin sweater in the shoulder seasons. It sits there like a friendly Sprite reminding us of the importance of getting outdoors or at least in front of a light box so we’re not groggy all winter long!