Sudbury, Mass., and Boston, Mass., January 21, 2015 – iGetBetter, Inc., a supplier of post-acute care transition solutions, and GoodLux Technology, a provider of a light management solution for treatment of depression, announced today they will partner to develop a solution for patients battling depression by creating the SunSprite Care Plan that can be combined with the appropriate iGetBetter care plan for patients with chronic diseases. The iGetBetter cloud-based platform bridges transition of care from hospital to home and engages patients post discharge in their own care, thus improving outcomes and helping to reduce readmissions. The SunSprite Solution, consists of a wearable light tracker connected to a mobile app that provides metrics about individual progress with real-time feedback and analytics for bright light therapy which improves patients’ adherence and outcomes.

#####Depression Self-care Plan to Support Efficacy of Treatment of Comorbid Conditions “With iGetBetter, we will immediately gain access to a powerful and flexible software platform and dashboard to engage clinicians in the care of their patients,” said Ed Likovich, CEO at GoodLux Technology. “Given our focus on depression, we know that its high comorbidity with other chronic conditions significantly increases medical costs for patients. I am confident that our joint solution will offer better care for patients and lower cost for providers.”

As reported by the CDC (Mental Health and Chronic Diseases, Issue Brief No. 2, October 2012), “Depression is found to co-occur in 17% of cardiovascular cases, 23% of cerebrovascular cases, and with 27% of diabetes patients and more than 40% of individuals with cancer.” Using bright light therapy to control and reduce depression can improve the efficacy of the overall care plans of patients suffering from comorbidities including depression and chronic diseases. Self-care supports the Triple Aim goals by enhancing patient engagement, improving population health through better patient outcomes and reducing per capita patient cost.

“We are excited to partner with GoodLux Technology in this critical area,” said Win Burke, CEO at iGetBetter. “This is an important milestone in iGetBetter’s efforts to integrate personal biometric devices with our software platform, making available our backend clinician application system to take advantage of the benefits of these devices in a clinical environment.”

Data from the SunSprite device connected to the patient’s mobile device will be automatically uploaded to the iGetBetter database along with self-reported patient data such as mood and energy levels and other items of interest to the clinician. In addition, other biometric and self-reported data relevant to comorbidity care plans are uploaded to the iGetBetter mobile app. This way, clinicians can review the data daily using the iGetBetter application dashboard, monitor patient progress, both for depression and the comorbid medical conditions, respond to alerts and intervene if necessary.

#####Seeking Pilots: Combating the Effect of Depression on Chronic Disease The first joint pilot will be conducted with a physician practice group in Park City, UT. The iGetBetter and the GoodLux Technology teams of clinicians, technologists and health organization experts are seeking additional no-cost pilots for patients with comorbid conditions which are susceptible to depression, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), hypertension and diabetes.

#####About GoodLux Technology Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, GoodLux Technology designs, manufactures and manages the SunSprite solution, a wearable and cloud-based light management solution which engages patients to self-manage depression by effectively using bright light therapy (BLT). The GoodLux team, comprised of doctors, engineers, physicists and healthcare experts, utilizes its science background to create simple solutions for hectic, modern life. For more information, please visit or contact

#####About iGetBetter Established in 2013 and headquartered in Sudbury, MA., iGetBetter, Inc., develops, markets and services a mobile, Web and cloud-based care transition solution designed to help healthcare organizations reduce readmissions by engaging patients in their treatments and recovery as they transition from hospital to home. For more information, please visit or contact