I don’t mean to brag, but I know the meaning of a lot of words. Below are some examples.

  • Sun: [noun] The bright thing in the sky that helps me see the ground.
  • Light: [noun] The thing the bright thing emits.
  • Sky: [noun] The big blue thing that houses the big bright thing.


But “lux” is not a term that comes up often. Or at least, not until the last few months.

Instagram, the photo-sharing titan, has updated its newest filter feature to include a “lux spectrum” that enables the user to use a slider and select their preferred lux level for their shot. The higher the lux, the more saturated and vivid. The lower the lux, the more gray and cloudy.

As if a mobile app with 200MM users wasn’t enough, “lux” is also breaking into the music space. Lorde, the 17-year-old from New Zealand known for her hit single “Royals,” is also adding some much needed notoriety and clout for light with her single “400 lux.”

And the pop culture cherry on top? Lorde has actually collaborated with a musician named “Son Lux” out of NYC.

Moral of the story? Tell every musician, artist, and app designer you know to start using the word “lux.” They’ll be on the brink of a tech break-through.

SunSprite is leading this breakthrough with its unique capability to measure UV and lux levels: read one of our Frequently Asked Questions about lux, watch our YouTube videos, or check out this nifty graphic.