The great thing about Americans is that we believe we can have do-overs. That’s why we have remedies for hard times like every kind of therapy, or bankruptcy, or churches that let us start all over again. And New Year’s Resolutions! It is a lovely country that lets almost everyone have a second chance. And because of that philosophy, most of us try to change ourselves for the better, at least a little, every year at this time.

The winter solstice and the start of a new calendar year is arbitrary but fitting because the day finally changes its mind and starts getting longer instead of shorter. That leaves more time for our hobby of self-improvement. We can start reading better books, eating better food, running more miles, and getting more light. Even if we know we might not stick with it for as long as we hope, we like trying to change our old foolish habits…and love to think about how svelte and charismatic we’ll be very soon. All we think it will take is just a couple of resolutions; but we should remember that it also takes a lot of self-discipline.

Two books published in 2012, The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg) and Willpower (Roy Baumeister, with John Tierney) describe the details of how hard it is to change our ways and teach ourselves new tricks. It takes squarely facing up to our old habits and how attached we are to them. Moreover, nature might be working against you, as we explored in a previous blog post about chronotypes, your personal genetic disposition to a certain circadian rhythm. It takes a lot of self-care, including good food and sleep, to be able to do things differently. But we show by our New Year’s resolutions that we’re not giving up on ourselves. We will continue to try to perfect ourselves even if it feels like the Fates are against us. We are a country of self-improvers and proud of it.

We at Sunsprite know that if you plan to get your light properly every single day, it will take some changes in your habits. But those changes will empower you to make good on your other areas of self-improvement too because your energy and focus will be that much better!

We wish you a very happy and bright New Year!