The latest study from Professor Kenneth Wright in Colorado suggests that if we want to correct our jet lagged selves from daily sluggishness, we should go camping for a week. The natural light made people go to sleep an average of two hours earlier and wake up with the dawn. Even if you just camp for two days, you can use the natural light to reset your clock by an hour and a half. The sun is such a powerful light (and the campers were restricted from their electronic devices which may have led to a certain calm as well!) that even a short time in nature will reset our circadian rhythm. It reminds us how we were designed to live.

But what about all of you who can’t just up and camp on a dime? Well, the weekend can be used to get yourself outdoors in the early morning or even to sit in a sunny window for at least half an hour! And you can remember to stop looking at your devices with their blue backgrounds late at night. Instead, at least an hour before your desired bedtime, you might turn the lights down low and read or do something quiet. Just relaxing and listening to peaceful music could do the trick. But remember that our rhythm is set by bright light first thing in the morning and dim light at bedtime… which of course is what the sun does for us when we’re camping!

Here’s the article from NPR referring to Dr. Wright’s study.