In this 4-minute video, Hank on Sci Show (who is new to me, but not to regular Sci Show watchers) explains — at a breathtaking pace (but it seems he doesn’t need to take breaths) — the importance of setting our internal clocks using light.

His talk is funny, dense with information, and so fast that he must get done, in a 4-hour day, what the rest of us get done in 8. At that rate, in principle, he can call it a day around 1 p.m. and take a nap (as he advocates). Or, he could restructure his days to avoid the phenomenon of “social jet lag” that we’ve been discussing recently.

In the regular working world though, the rest of us need SunSprite to keep us sync’d through our longer days.

For another dose of health education via lightning-speed video, check out our 60-second tutorial on how Sunsprite works. Or, for more in-depth explanations, check out the offerings on SunSprite’s YouTube channel.