Two towns that live in the shadow of nearby mountains during winter months have erected mirrors to steer sunlight down into the town center. The first to do this was a village in Italy named Viganella. The second was the Norwegian town of Rjukan. Both projects are described in this article.

The Norwegian mountaintop mirrors dilute sunlight by a factor of about ten, but even this level of light, projected onto the town square, evokes celebrations.

The rest of us—who don’t live in the shadow of a mountain—find it much easier to get some sunlight. SunSprite can remind us to go outside or to move near a south-facing window, whenever we have not recently found bright light. Even better, SunSprite was created specifically as a tool to track which light levels are beneficial to us, and it will tell us when we have gotten enough for the day.

These two sun-starved towns had to erect big mirrors to cheer themselves up. The rest of us can do the job a lot more easily. We can just clip on SunSprite and reach—like the geranium on my window sill—toward the light.