Hello SunSprite fans!

We wanted you to know and share our excitement about some of the features of the new redesigned SunSprites coming out this Fall!

The new SunSprites will be:

  • 1) More sturdy; that is, they will be molded from better quality plastic and some rubber.
  • 2) Water-resistant: they still can’t go through the wash, but they can be splashed or rained on and they won’t die.
  • 3) Smaller and more elegant, in a leaf-like shape!
  • 4) Five LEDs to be filled for the full quota of light rather than 10. (Same amount of light necessary for full quota but divided into 20% steps for each LED.)
  • 5) Charged by a convenient coin cell battery rather than solar cells in response to your feedback.

We are very excited by the new model of SunSprite and thank all our customers for putting up with some of the difficulties of our first model. We hope you will let your friends and relatives know of this happy new development.

Thanks very much, Jacquie Olds and Richard Schwartz