Harness the power of bright light

[A]nalysis of randomized, controlled trials suggests that bright light treatment and dawn simulation for seasonal affective disorder and bright light for nonseasonal depression are efficacious, with effect sizes equivalent to those in most antidepressant pharmacotherapy trials.

– Golden, et al., American Journal of Psychiatry (2005)

Resources for Clinicians

White paper.
Psychiatry of Light
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Creates Actionable Insights for Patient Engagement

SunSprite’s light management solution enables a patient to know if she acquired enough light for her prescribed therapy. The actionable data enables clinicians to adapt the care as needed.

Reduces Cost for ACOs by Tackling Depression

By using the SunSprite Solution, clinicians are motivated to improve the health of their patients while engaging patients in depression self-care. The patients, clinicians, and the ACO will also benefit from second-order effects such as patients taking better care of their comorbid chronic diseases which will impact population health outcomes.

Based on 30 Years of Science & Research

Over 30 years of research proves that bright light improves energy, mood, sleep, and depression. Further research found that bright light may also help a wide range of conditions including insomnia, ADHD, and dementia. For published medical papers on the effectiveness of bright light therapy click here.

Provides New Options for Mental Health Clinics

With reimbursements starting this year for mental tele-health visits, clinics can empower their psychologists and social workers to “prescribe” BLT. Patients can measure light via SunSprite and discuss their progress with clinicians via tele-health visits and adapt their therapy as needed.