I really like your product. I'm one of those people whose mood really shifts when the sun goes in and out on a cloudy day. - Gil

The SunSprite is a marvel of innovation that does what it says it does. It is about the size of a bluetooth earpiece and can be placed virtually anywhere, including on your earlobe if you want. I won't replicate the very thorough and clear product description on this page. However I would like to note that the phone app works flawlessly and the SunSprite itself is very accurate. How do I know this? I placed it at the edge of the therapeutic zone of a Bright Light therapy lamp and the SunSprite would only register a flashing light 'for beneficial therapeutic light' within the manufacturer's recommended zone. One inch outside the zone -- no registration. - arrowzip

As a child psychiatrist who has also suffered from seasonal affective mood changes in the winter, I can highly recommend this product. It has a strong magnet, it is discreet and tracks your daily amount of light to tell you if you are reaching optimal exposure. Cannot say enough good things about this product. The device is solar powered, so need to charge. It is not damaged by rain or general wearing water exposure. The app is fun and informative. -Deborah S.

My husband and I sit at a computer during the day, so this is a good reminder to get outside. They made the device very simple. You can just wear it and see whether you've gotten enough light for the day. And it's solar-powered, so I don't have to worry about batteries. - Jana

With depression, there are days that I feel like the bed is full of concrete. I plan on keeping track of the difference in the way I feel using the Sunsprite to get enough bright light exposure. I hope you understand the hope that you are giving those of us that feel like we can't win. - Paula

I work from home, typically paying zero attention to the world (or sun) outside my little dungeon. A few days of rocking my SunSprite has turned me into my dog: noticing all the sunny slivers in my apartment and basking in them a bit. I love it, even if she's getting annoyed that I'm stealing all the good spots. Added bonus is that I've also become a human sundial, which is a fun party trick. - Suzanne

Amazing customer service! I will be encouraging everyone I know to get one. It is certainly helping drive me to get more (& better) sunlight - moving to the sunny spot in my house now :) - Simon

I have a Day-Light Sky lamp, and through using the SunSprite have discovered that I needed to get much closer to the light to receive a therapeutic dose of light. I now am trying to get my dose of light in the morning to help me sleep better at night. [...] I love the fact that the Sunsprite recharges itself. - Sandra

I love it. It's light, small, attractive and has a great magnet to keep it in place. It's a fun way to get motivation for more sunlight. - Sharla